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Dar Al-Mustafa Trading Company

We have more than twenty five years of experience in the PEX-based plumbing system; more flexibility allows to reduce the requirements which means easy installation at a lower cost

Since its inception twenty five years ago, Dar Al-Mustafa Trading Company along with our contracting services has achieved continual successes in the field of providing and implementing the PEX plumbing system. Considering the company accumulated expertise, PEX plumbing system has proved to be the best from a technical perspective, in addition to being safer and more cost-effective in comparison to other plumbing systems - in accordance with the studies and results acquired in the field of implemented works by the company in the region.

The company has succeeded in the plumbing business in a way that is satisfactory to its expectations and support its technical perspective. As such, Dar Al-Mustafa Trading Company is always willing to solve different potential problems, and to take responsibility pertinent to any natural defect in the materials, to ensure quality to our valued clients.

What are the advantages of our PEX plumbing services?
Our plumping experience supports the technical perspective pertaining to the efficiency of PEX plumbing system. We are committed to provide and implement the system to meet requirements of our valued clients. We endeavor to develop our services by providing advanced and up-to-date technical solutions.

    • Approve the implementation of the project after a careful study and consideration of the site to verify quality of operations.
    • Adherence to the timeline specified for project implementation.
    • Three-years guarantee on the system
    • An elite group of technicians with more than 10 years of experience
    • Provide special devices and tools to detect leakages in minutes.
    • Work schedule requires liaison only, it does not require direct supervision by the clients

What are the technical advantages of our PEX plumbing system?
Our PEX plumbing system has more flexibility which allows to reduce the requirements and eliminate the need of fittings. This means a faster installation at a low cost. We offer the followings to our valued clients.

    • Pipe-in-pipe system
    • Packed original PEX pipe
    • The only product available with thermal memory, it does not swell or twist when reaching the elasticity temperature
    • Its original components and new black color makes it resistant to UV sun-rays
    • Its high-quality sub-lets and joints are made of resistant copper
    • Extensions of pipes inside bathrooms are 18mm in size, while feeding boxes are 25mm
    • Easy maintenance without complications, altering wall constructions, or deforming the general view; and also cost-effective