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Vision and Mission

To develop the group and to invest based on a clear strategy that places our group in a leading position in the fields of industry, trading and supply chain management. We also seek to further promote the level of our values and professional services, so as to be in line with our aspirations, by studying requirements of the local and international markets.

Our Values:
Our group core values make us who we are and will dictate how we will act on moral standards. It is an important part of any development plan and a key factor in shaping your decisions.

    • Provide high quality products and services at unmatched prices
    • Meet our clients' requirements
    • Serve our clients' needs with professionalism and respect
    • Establish a robust supply chain network
    • Support the creativity and development of our employees
    • Maximize our shareholders' profit

Our Mission:
We endeavour to develop and provide the best services and products, with an objective of further promoting higher standards in the region, and to uphold our key values that aim to create an environment that is consistent with international standards.

To realize our mission, we depend on a number of key pillars, most importantly: the sustainable development of the group, self-habilitation, fulfilling the requirements of our customers pertaining to quality and time, while reiterating the concepts of safety and security at all times. We also believe in the importance of values, as well as the impact of an effective management to ensure productivity and growth, while at the same time the need to instil work ethics in all our personnel. We aim to be the optimal choice for customers at all times.