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Our Services

We provide our valued customers with an array of diverse services in the following spheres:

Provide engineering services and consultations in construction, project management and to carry out project feasibility studies.

Industrial Development:
Produce precast concrete products and Ready-Mix concrete. We also partake in the production of Thermo-Block bricks with more than twenty years of experience.

Contracting and Real-Estate Development:
Adopting a new approach in the construction and sale of residential projects by means of purchasing land or properties, implementing the building process by preparing standard plans and specifications, and finally put them up for sale.

Advanced Building Materials:
Our trading company is a sole agent of N.T.M SPA, a high competitive Italian manufacturer, in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. We Assess, sell and implement modern casting undertakings utilizing the pipe-in-pipe system by using original PEX system. Moreover, the group has a substantial involvement and experience in the development, manufacturing and marketing of thermo-insulated concrete bricks.

Development of Infrastructure and Landscaping:
Expertise in the designed implementation of developmental services as per the requirements and specifications set forth by different governmental organizations – including drainage and sewage works, extending pipes for potable water and electricity, street lighting, extending telephone and television cables, landscaping, irrigation, gardening, pavements and asphalt works, traffic signals and naming of roads.