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Dar Al-Mustafa – a group of companies that was established in the Eastern Province of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The group with its engineering core and diversified investments started off thirty years ago with the vision of an academic businessman, Dr. Riyadh Ahmed Al-Mustafa, who incepted Dar Al-Mustafa in 1984. With his managerial and academic leadership, this simple business structure grew and diversified moving to a developed organization with investment interests in several economic sectors.

The group operates and invests in four business sectors; Manufacturing, Trading and Engineering & Construction. Other investments are made in developing land and property through our Real Estate business line.

Our group comprises of highly qualified and well employees, who endeavour to provide customer service through the spectrum of our different activities, by offering timely competitive prices and desired quality.

We constantly seek development of our activities, ensuring the enhancement of our standing services by upholding the group values. Our main objectives are to fulfill the aspirations of the group and those of our valued customers.